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El Libro De Leslie

We Love Her   Some people have good children. Some people have great children. These people are very lucky because many other people have rotten horrid children. These children irritate me. I often see them kicking and screaming in the … Continue reading

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Wild Child

A friend and I often swap funny articles on instant messenger. Today he sent me the police beat for BYU. There is one particular item that made me laugh: March 20: A 24-year-old male student was arrested after he drove … Continue reading

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Wow! My Man-Catching Skills Amaze Me

Today I’ve come to the realization that my man-catching skills are incredible.   Lets Walk in the Garden…   The scenarios are all starting to look the same, meet a guy, date a guy, guy dumps me or I dump … Continue reading

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Icky Moments

I am not sure why, but I’ve decided to share some icky moments that I’ve experienced. Enjoy…   So there I was, sitting in sacrament meeting. My cousin was doing the homecoming thing and so pretty much, my siblings, cousins, … Continue reading

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One-Time Chauffer

The only time I ever remember my grandpa riding in my car I was 17 or so. The ward had a senior citizen appreciation dinner and all the youth were eating dinner with them. So, I gave my grandpa a ride. … Continue reading

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I know I’m getting old when…

I know I’m getting old when   1. I’m at a party, it’s midnight and I’m ready to go home and sleep and all the others are just getting started. 2. I am sitting next to some guy at the party … Continue reading

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Worst Dates

Lately I’ve been in deep discussions with various people about dating.   I honestly believe you have to love yourself and love being single in order to have a good relationship. You need to know who you are and love … Continue reading

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