Heber Valley Campground

This past weekend, my parents, and my siblings and their children and I all went to some cabins at the Heber Valley Campground owned by the LDS Church. They are relatively inexpensive to use. It was like $160 or something like that for 4 cabins and a pavillion. There were like 60 0r 70 total beds and the pavillion had a fridge and an outdoor kitchen. They had flush toilets and showers too.
It was nice to have everyone together and we all got along fine. Some of the kids were a tad grouchy because they didn’t get enough sleep, but for the most part everyone had fun. The challenge course was an addition al 2 or 3 dollars per person and they had various team building activities and a zip line. It was a lot of fun and even the little kids loved the activities. I have done challenge courses before so I was familiar with the routine of things, but it was nice because the senior missionaries who ran the course added gospel insight to it and explained things well to all the kids.
On the way home I had Becca, Franco, Spencer, and Josh in my car. Franco decided to act like a brat and test my boundaries. He was being a smart mouth and trying to irritate me because he wanted to listen to a "cool" radio station that I didn’t want to listen to. Since I refused to turn the station on, he decided that he was going to do everything in his power to make me miserable until I gave in. Unfortunately for him, I don’t put up with that kind of behavior, so I pulled over and told him he got to walk home. I did point out that grandma and grandpa and jenny and tyler were behind me so maybe they’d see him and pick him up and he realized that I wasn’t going to put up with his behavior. He begged and pleaded not to get kicked out of the car and promised to behave and listen from then on, so I let him stay in the car and we drove home. He was good from then on.
In all honestly, I wouldn’t have really left him on the side of the road, but at least by pulling over he knew I meant it when I told him he needed to behave. I think some kids just like the test boundaries and he’s probably one of them. He is a super cute kid though. I think come high school a lot of girls will think he’s great and want to date him.
We got home and Tyler and I borrowed my dads truck and went and got my new super cool trunk coffee table. I actually saw one at the down east in draper last weekend and I thought about buying it, but then I decided it was almost an impulse buy and that I had to think about it, so I went home and went back a few hours later and it was sold.
So then, I decided to visit a different down east and they had one. The store guy told me he’d take an extra $100 off of it if I did buy it and so I told him I was going to consider it and that I wanted to look and see some other things. Then I went and looked to see if they had any clothes. They also have seconds on clothing and you can get some nice shirts and pants there too. It’s kinda like a scratch and dent store. When I came back, there was this couple measuring my trunk to see if it would fit in their house, so then I snuck by them and bought it before they could. Then, to top off the $100 off, I also had a coupon for 20% off anything in the store, so my trunk ended up even cheaper. I guess that couple will just have to find a different trunk. Hee hee hee.
My new trunk is huge and I love it! I can fit inside of it. Probably morbid like it’s a casket or something, but it could actually fit more than one person in it. Although I couldn’t stretch out my legs 100% because it is only 68 inches long (yep I measured it) and thats a couple inches shorter than me. I short person would be able to stretch out though.
Today I woke up and finished the ward newsletter and then I took it over to get copied for sacrament meeting. Then I came back and made casserol for the baby blessing. Then I went to the blessing.
I brought some smarties and Ethan spent the whole time eating them. I filled up an altoid tin with them and he thought it was great to open it up, eat one, and then shut it for a bit and then to repeat it over and over again.
Later today, my mom and I took Duke for a walk. We walked along the empty neighborhood roads by my house where they haven’t built any houses. Since nobody was around, we let Duke off his leash and he loved that we let him just run all over. He was really good and came back when we called so we could put his leash back on. He’s a well behaved dog.
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2 Responses to Heber Valley Campground

  1. Christy says:

    Les, if you ever turn up missing, we will tell the police to look in your trunk. You need to post a picture of your house and your landscaping. Don\’t worry, I won\’t come to your house and stalk you. 🙂

  2. Unknown says:

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