strawberries n rocks

When I was a little kid, I remember my friend Lisa and I going out to her family strawberry patch and eating every single red berry in sight. It’s funny because I don’t really remember much about Lisa, I don’t even remember what she looked like, but I remember the strawberries. I also remember barfing for hours afterward. I’m not sure how many I ate, but obviously way too many for a little kid.
After that I couldn’t eat strawberries for years. Just the thought of eating them made me feel slightly ill. Although, now that I’m older, I can actually eat them, it just has to be in smaller portions. I guess the strawberries were motivation to not overeat ever again.
This past weekend, even though I swore I was done planting for the year, I got some free strawberry plants, so I planted them. Unfortunately, I didn’t water them quite enough because they are getting a lot of sun, so they were half dead, and some were all dead last night. I’ve spent the past two nights with the soaker hose on them willing them to come back to life. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if thats enough. If it’s not, then I guess I wasn’t mean to have them and I’ll do something else.
Another thing I remember as a kid, Lisa and I were jealous of the big kids who got their teeth out. We wanted the tooth fairy to come to us too. So we did what any smart kid would do and tried to make our teeth loosen up and come out a bit. I recall one day where we ate a bunch of rocks in an attempt to get some teeth out. We didn’t get any teeth out, so I guess it was a failure. And, rocks as I recall aren’t very flavorful like the strawberries.
This same house we lived in I remember my grandfather on my moms side visiting. He’d pull up in this fan and throw piles of candy all over the lawn. We’d run around excited and get as much of it as we could. He’d even fill up random mailboxes with candy just to be nice. I remember loving it when he’d come to visit. He would take us to get happy meals and then we’d go over the railroad tracks at superspeed so that we’d bounce. He was a happy easy-going fun man. I hope my grandkids remember me that way.
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