Santa Run

Yesterday my sisters Bridget, Christine, and Becca, and my mom and brother-in-laws ran the Ogden Santa Race with the kids. Christine, Bridget, and I all have sinus infections, but we weren’t going to miss it. We just took some medicine and ran anyways.

With an adult entry you got a free child hat and beard and the child could run free. We thought that was great. The kids, not so much. A couple of them were very upset that they didn’t get full santa suits so we went to the store and came up with a sortof santa suit for them to wear.

There were probably 500+ people in santa costumes at the beginning of the race. I got one to take a photo of us at the start.

There were probably 500+ people in santa costumes. I got someone to take a photo of us at the start. My sister’s little boy Caleb and my brother Ben sat and watched. Caleb was a bit upset over not getting a full santa suit entry in the race.

I got this really cute photo of Deklan right before the start of the race. Deklan and Sicily both fell asleep during the race and Bridget pushed them the entire 3.1 miles. She is tough.

After the race, there was a parade and all the floats were lit up with lights. Anna was thrilled because they threw candy. There was a christmas village, but we didn’t go. It was getting cold and the kids were ready to go home for the night.

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2 Responses to Santa Run

  1. becca says:

    Cute pics les! That was fun. Your sister Becca ran that race with a sinus infection as well.

  2. Bridget says:

    It was sure a lot of fun! Love you!

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