Drunken Candy

Once upon a time, one of Leslie’s coworkers told her a vendor always sends candy filled with alcohol to the office. He said he ate about 10-12 one year and started feeling weird. Said coworker also told Leslie how the chocolates were so incredibly yummy he just couldn’t help himself. He didn’t realize they had alcohol in them until another coworker told him they did. Since then, he’s avoided the chocolates at all costs.

For months, Leslie has heard the story of how this coworker got drunk off of chocolates and how clients shouldn’t send each other candy with alcohol in it. Leslie has never personally seen any chocolates with alcohol in them at the office and has sampled a variety of chocoaltes. Her favorites were they creamy mint ones.

Yesterday, the creamy mint chocolates came! Oh happy day. Leslie gobbled one up and brought one in for the alcohol candy eating coworker. Alas! He could not eat them because they were the chocolates with alcohol in them. Leslie reviewed the ingredients and the chocolate makers website. No alcohol in them….but there was an ingredient called “Chocolate Liquor”. Pronounced differently and completely different. If you google it, it’s basically liquid chocolate. No wonder those candies taste so yummy. How can you not love liquid chocolate?

Laughing, Leslie gave the chocolates to another coworker who is in the ward with the drunken office mate of Leslie. He went in and started munching down the candy. He said it was the best way he knew to avoid important church callings.

Then Leslie broke the news that the chocolated did not contain alcohol. Said drunken coworker googled it and agreed. He then munched down on chocolates. Tragically, the said coworker did not get drunken off the chocolates this year. No woozy head, not drunken behavior. Just coworker chowing down on chocolates. Maybe Leslie should’ve kept him in the dark so he would’ve left more chocolates for her to eat.

Leslie’s coworker spent the rest of the day telling her why the candys gave him a drunken feeling. The excuses ranged from the chocolate being such a high quality that they probably contained a higher concentration of caffiene than any other chocolate (he even thought they had more caffiene than a cup of coffee LOL!), to the richness and sugar in it providing a sugar high.

All Leslie could do is laugh. Illness and health are definitely tied to mental thought sometimes.

Leslie ate the last chocolate this morning. Goodbye yummy famous mint chocolates. You are some of the tastiest christmas chocolates ever! Leslie will buy some more of you someday.

For those of you who want to try the most amazing chocolates ever, this is the link: Mrs Cavanaughs.

Apparently they also give tours and they are located in UT! I wonder if they’d let you swim in their vat of liquid chocolate and drink up the yummy goodness of those candies. MMMM..Maybe Bryan would like to take a honeymoon tour of the chocolate factory and spend the day munching on chocoaltes.

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