Wedding Pictures and wonderful Bryan

So the photographer hasn’t gotten us our wedding photos yet. I’m hoping we get them soon, but until then, I thought I’d add a few in from my iphone.

We had the most awesome wedding cake. Our reception was carnival themed and our cake had a ferris wheel on top with a bride and groom. It was one of the coolest cakes I’ve ever seen. It far exceeded my expectations. The woman who made the cake was amazing. She also made very yummy tasting cake. It must’ve taken hours for her to make it.

There is a tradition that you freeze the top layer of the wedding cake and eat it on your first anniversary. We didn’t. We ate it on Sunday after church. The thought of eating frozen year old cake did not sound appealing. We’re not really cake people anyways. I can’t even remember the last time I made a cake. Probably a year or two ago.

Here’s me eating the bride off the ferris wheel.

photo 3

Here is Bryan eating the groom from the ferris wheel.

photo 2

I felt a little bad eating the cake because it must’ve taken hours to make and looked so amazing. I can’t wait to get wedding photos back so I can post how cool the cake looked. Some people are really talented that way.

Below is our house. Some friends decided to decorate it for when we got home. They purposely spelled married wrong so we would think it was someone else. We didn’t.

photo 1


Both of our families were so supportive and helpful. They pitched in and ran the carnival games without complaint. My sister Jenny and her husband Tyler, and my sister Angela and her husband Bryan kept the food and drinks stocked. People had to run to the store and buy more plates and cups because we didn’t get enough. They helped with the cleanup and setup. All of my sisters and all of Bryan’s siblings were so great. It turned out great because we had some wonderful people helping us.


So I made this photo cutout board for our reception. It actually looked better once I finished trimming the wood. I thought it was super cool and turned out awesome. Bryan wasn’t as excited about it because he thought it looked a little bit too homemade, but since I worked so hard on it, I told him it was staying. And honestly, I thought it looked really good for a woman having made it. I know it wasn’t perfect, but I did the best I could with what I had and it was a hit.

I didn’t even have to buy supplies for it. I had the wood in the garage leftover from where I removed part of the workbench I kept hitting with my SUV. I hit it one too many times and dented poor Thor (my SUV’s name) and after that I decided that I had to rip out the part I kept hitting. Then I had to pay for a dent repair. So it’s good the wood was re-purposed.

There were so many generous people who gave us wedding gifts. It was so good of them.  I was actually able to get a nice steam canner and pressure cooker with some of the gift cards. That will be super nice for when we have a giant garden. I’m planning to can tomatoes, corn, and probably beans. I also found out you can freeze peppers, so I will be doing that with some of them. We cook with peppers and onions all the time.

We also bought the wood to frame the basement with the Lowe’s gift cards we got. Our wedding site mentioned that Lowe’s was my favorite store. As a result we got several cards for Lowe’s. I’ve been wanting to work on the basement, so it was really great to get them. I’ve got a good portion of the basement done and a good portion to go, but in another few months it will be done. Maybe sooner. It all depends on how the garden and yard go. I’ve got a few big things left to do in them before I can go back to the basement.

It seems kinda crazy that we have been married for a couple months already. Time has just flown by. Bryan is such a great guy and it’s nice to have him around every day. He helps me in my random projects even when he’s not super thrilled that I decided to start them.

One day last year, before we were married, he came over only to discover that I had decided to make a very very large batch of applesauce. I think it was 2-3 bushels worth of apples. I guess I wasn’t thinking about how long it would take because I started at like 7. He never pointed out to me that we shouldn’t have started making it that late. By the time we were done, it was like 1 or 2 in the morning. But now we have lots and lots of applesauce. Hopefully enough to last all year. Store applesauce is yucky compared to homemade. And we didn’t have to add in sugar because the apples were sweet, so it is super healthy too.

One thing I really love from when I was younger is apple turnovers that my mom makes. She puts applesauce in pie dough and folds it into a turnover. She sprinkles a little milk and sugar on top. Even now, those are such a treat to eat. I might have to make them for Bryan one of these days.

Below is a photo of Bryan and I when we were working on the house. He was so good to help me with the remodeling of our house. Even though we had just started dating, he came over and helped me night after night. I knew he was a keeper. He took trips to the dump with me and helped me put in a yard. He painted and then painted some more. And just when he thought there was nothing left to paint, I decided that I no longer wanted the wall color and I want to repaint the whole entire house. We haven’t done it yet though. I have to finish some of my other projects first. Then my room is going to be light and bright.


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