Bryan and I – Our Dating Story, and Finally some wedding photos

First Meeting

Bryan and Leslie met through Bryan’s roommate. She was having a movie night and invited Bryan to join them. He remembers the incredibly tasty brownies, she remembers him being nice.

As they got to know one another, they began to spend more time together socially. In fact, they discovered that they both attended the same ward!

First Date

One day Leslie agreed with some friends to find a date and go on a group date with them. They set a date and a time and then all agreed to get a date. Shortly before the day of the date, Leslie frantically began searching for a date. She texted Bryan and his roommate, neither responded.

Then, both responded and agreed to be her date. Rather than leaving one behind, she found another girl to add to the mix. Which was good since the originally scheduled friends did not end up with dates.

Bryan considers that more of a friend thing and his first recollection of our date was when we went to a friends birthday party dinner at Wingers. It was made more entertaining and awkward due to the situation in which we sat between a roommate and his ex-girlfriend, and another girl brought along a guy who was her date when a different member of the group thought they were going out later. Fun times!

Blue Cloud

When Leslie and Bryan would get together, they would sit on Blue Cloud, a giant Love Sac that made movie watching much more comfortable. One day when Leslie and some friends were watching a movie, Leslie texted Bryan and said “Blue Cloud misses you”. It was then that he realized, he wanted to keep Leslie around. 🙂

Easter Egg Hunts, Manti, Outer Banks and more

Since their first date, Leslie and Bryan have spent a lot of time together. They’ve hosted amazing Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Parties, and gone some beautiful places. They went to a family reunion with Leslie’s family in Manti, they went to the outer banks in North Carolina with Bryan’s family, they went to Idaho, San Francisco and plenty of other places.

Home Remodel

In 2012, Leslie bought a short sale house that needed a lot of work. To start off the project, Leslie, Bryan, and many helpful friends ripped out all the flooring and gutted the bathrooms.

They threw all the trash out the second story window anticipating that eventually they would get a dumpster. Bryan really enjoyed throwing a toilet out the window and using a sledgehammer on the bathroom.

One giant part of the project was painting. Leslie is not the most coordinated of painters, so painting meant getting very messy.

Though there are still quite a few projects left on the house, Bryan and Leslie have worked hard to make the house liveable and nice. Never once has Bryan complained or questioned why Leslie had to buy a house that needed so much work. He has been the most helpful, supportive, and loving person throughout the process.

When Leslie spent time out in the yard working on the sprinkler system, Bryan pitched in and helped. He helped roof the shed, and has made many trips to the dump with Leslie. Without Bryan to help, Leslie could not have accomplished as much. He makes her projects and ideas possible.

The Proposal

Bryan knew Leslie was an extraordinary woman and so an ordinary proposal would not suffice. He wanted symbolism and depth. He found it at “This Is The Place” Park, the location where the Saints first arrived in the Salt Lake valley. At that time, Brigham Young declared that “this is the right place” for the Saints to settle and build their homes. They had arrived at the end of a long journey, and were about to begin their lives anew. Likewise, Leslie and Bryan, born about 24 hours apart from each other near the end of 1976, had a long journey before meeting each other, and are now ready to begin their lives anew, together.

Bryan scouted out the park the day before he proposed and discovered the Mary Fielding Smith (Hyrum Smith’s wife) home, which was away from the main village. This home was dedicated to the pioneer women of the church. Behind the home was a bench overshadowed by an 1800’s style pergola, in addition to an excellent view of the valley. Bryan sat here for a few minutes and imagined Leslie as one of these pioneer women. He believes she would have been a leader and a strength to the other women of the time. He thought of how he would ask her to marry him the following day.

The next day (Sat., Oct. 26) Leslie was under the impression that her and Bryan were going on a hike mainly because it might be the last warm day of the year. He let her suggest park locations to visit on their leisurely stroll that would hopefully end at Mary Fielding Smith’s home. With just a little help from Bryan, including a strange interest in a lamp post in the distance, they arrived at the home and Leslie opted to sit down on the bench. After talking and cuddling for a few minutes, Bryan said, “So, this is the place”. Then he said, “Do you know what else? You are the right person.” After a moment he then said, “Do you know what else? This is the right time.” Then he took a ring out of his pocket as he lowered himself to one knee, and asked Leslie if she would marry him. She didn’t suspect a thing until his proposal. She said yes and he slipped the ring on her finger.


The Reception and Wedding


Noah's Utah Wedding Photographer-150 - Copy

We held our reception on a Thursday night and had our wedding on Friday morning, followed by a lunch at the Tuscany. I loved the way we  did it. I would’ve been so tired if we had crammed the reception in on Friday night. As it was, by the time lunch was over I was tired and sick of wearing my wedding dress. The photo above is with some good friends who came to the wedding. Don’t anyone else feel bad your photo isn’t there too. It was taking forever to load photos, so I gave up on adding any more.

Our reception was a carnival. Below is the cake. It turned out really nice.

Noah's Utah Wedding Photographer-18


The wedding was wonderful and special and it was great to marry my best friend. I never grow tired of being with him. It’s a joy to have him in my life. When I’m sick, he takes care of me, and when I’m not, he still does. I love water and I always need a bottle or two of it on my nightstand for when I wake in the night. He always makes sure I have plenty of water to drink so I won’t be thirsty.


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