Halloween and More



For Halloween my siblings came over and we went trick or treating. I wore one of those skeleton shirts with three babies on it. I was much skinnier a month ago. It was easier to walk even if I got tired. Now I’m so huge I don’t think I could wander the neighborhoods to go trick or treating.

It’s amazing how much being pregnant takes out of you. Not sure if three is harder or not, but it probably is. The doctor wants me to stop working now and in another 6-8 weeks I’ll be getting a c-section and the babies will be coming early. Luckily my work is so awesome and will let me work from home so I don’t have to quit, and technically, if I’m laying in bed working, it’s not really like going to work so it doesn’t count as working and I don’t need to stop.

We are going to be staying in Utah for Christmas since it’s not a good idea for me to travel, so we got a Christmas tree and some ornaments. One day soon we will put them up. Mostly it will be me laying on the couch watching Bryan put it up.

About a month ago, I got the brilliant idea that we should repaint the interior of the house and redo all the baseboards before I had the babies. It’s now December and the painting is finally done (minus the touch up), our house is one big messy pile of furniture and belongings, and I can no longer lift or do much. Poor Bryan is now the one who has to haul and move everything while I lay around acting all helpless. But it is nice that he ties my shoes for me and brings me water and snacks. He’s wonderful. And it’s nice to have someone else carry the laundry baskets and stuff.

My parents are also awesome. They have both been so helpful. My dad has mowed our lawn a few times, helped in the yard, and has done so much for us. My mom has brought us dinner and helped in the yard. We stayed at their house for several days while the painting happened.

The babies are moving a lot now and it’s kinda fun. And it’s kinda crazy. Sometimes I can feel movement that I think is probably all the babies because my tummy is moving in three different places.

It’s been a lot of fun to see the ultrasounds and Bryan loves to come with me so he can see the babies too.

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