Triplet Delivery

I got a steriod shot on Monday afternoon because the babies were going to come soon and they wanted a few days of steriods for their lungs. I took this photo of the carseats and posted on facebook, a coming soon update. Little did I know that less than 12 hours later, we would have our babies.

baby car seats waiting for their future occupants

baby car seats waiting for their future occupants

On Tuesday morning, very early, I woke up to what I thought was my water breaking. So I got up to figure it out, only it was water. I was bleeding all over the place. So I woke up Bryan and said we need to go to the hospital now, I’m bleeding everywhere. I think that is the fastest I’ve ever seen him get up and get dressed. I think he was up and dressed in less than a minute.

Then we rushed to the hospital. They did a quick ultrasound to make sure the babies were still ok and prepped me for a c-section. Within an hour we were back in surgery and the babies were delivered.

I actually thought it would be interesting to watch, but they put up a sheet and maybe it’s a good thing. I wasn’t really looking forward to a c-section and I didn’t have any time to think about it or panic. They just went in and got the job done.

Baby William was born first. I didn’t realize he was born till I heard a baby cry. He needed some oxygen when he was born and for a day or two afterwards.


William a day or two after birth

Baby Hailey was born next. She needed a ventilator initially, but is now doing great.


Hailey on the ventilator

I couldn’t tell when Hailey and Anna were born, they must’ve had smaller cries. I did hear what I thought was one baby, but I didn’t know for sure.


Anna streching out in her incubator

They didn’t show us the babies after they were born because they needed help breathing. After the surgery, they wheeled me into a room to recover and took Bryan to see the babies. But he didn’t get photos and couldn’t really see because they were working on the babies and he just kindof had to watch from the doorway.

Later on my mom came and Bryan and my mom went and saw the babies. I wasn’t in good enough shape at that time to see them. Later in the day, they were able to get me into a wheelchair and then I went to the NICU to see them. We just had to look at them in the incubators though.

The babies are doing great now and are off oxygen and the ventilators. Now we just need them to grow big and strong so they can come home. And they need to learn to use a bottle and gain some weight.


baby Anna


Bryan holding tiny Anna


William in his incubator. They washed his hair and put clothes on him and he did not like it and was very upset with the nurse.


Hailey after she got clothes. She had a rough few days but seems much happier now.


My Mom holding Hailey. She has awesome hair.

And finally, my last belly pic. It was at 31 weeks. I had planned to do another one, but then I had the babies instead.


Now I’m home and recovering. Hopefully by the time the babies are released from the hospital, I’ll be all ready to take care of them and feel much better.

Bryan has been so wonderful and supportive. He’s gotten up in the night to take care of me. He probably didn’t realize that when we had our babies, he’d be getting up with me instead of them. But, he has been so great to help me in any way he can.

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