Wedding Dress Shopping

I first tried on Bridget’s dress which did not fit. I thought it was going to kill me. Well, somehow the way it fit it felt like it was crushing my windpipe and I decided no amount of altering was going to make me put it on again. And the sleeves were tight and hurt. She told me the sleeves were tight and bugged her when she wore it. My neck hurt for about an hour after I got the dress off.

Sicily, Briget’s daughter, was funny. She was so mad that I tried on the dress. She said “I was saving that dress for my wedding.” She did not want me wearing it or trying it on.

Then we went downtown to gateway bridal and prom. They claim to have the largest selection of modest dresses in the country.

So then they had all these “store sample dresses”. You just try them on and then if you like them, they call somewhere to determine what sizes they have available.

I told the girl my spending limit. I didn’t want the dress to cost as much as a car. The girl in the room on the other side of me was trying on dresses super expensive dress. And they weren’t white, so I guess if she was having a tem ple wedding, it wasn’t going to be in the dress she was picking out.

I didn’t even bother looking at the super expensive ones. They were pretty, but too much money. And all of them were completely covered in lace which is not what I wanted on my wedding dress.

But when I sent the girl a list of all the dresses I liked from online, she said “I don’t know if we have any of those in stock”. They were part of the latter day bride section which apparently they were almost all out of and it was going to be 4 months before they had any again.

Nora tried to get me to try on a plus sized dress on clearance and I told her no way. It was big enough that the dress would need to get cut in half to fit. I figured I might as well buy a dress my size that doesn’t need to be redone. Although, if they had to cut the dress in half, maybe I would’ve had 2 dresses for the price of one!

Then I picked out a few dresses and figured I’d find something other than the ones I had pulled up from their website. Then the girl found two dresses from the site that I liked. I tried one on. It was cut weird. Bridget laughed, I did too. Nothing like having a weird ribbon bow thing smack in the middle of the chest area to make it look awkward and weird.

The one I picked out was really cool. I loved it. It was actually between two dresses. The girl checked on the sizes and the one I got had one that would fit me. The other one, I would’ve had to get altered several sizes smaller.

When I went back and picked up the dress, they had me try it on to determine where it needed altering. The coolest thing is that it fit absolutely perfect. They didn’t need to alter it at all. How amazing is that?

Now, the trick will be to not ruin it, spill on it, or trip over it when I’m wearing it. All of those things could happen….

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Wedding Invitation and website

We’re hoping to get the wedding invitations sent out before Christmas. Here’s a PDF of the invitation: The Wedding Invitation

We have our website up and running here:

With just about a month to go before the wedding, here’s a photo of us doing a snow angel. Not the best idea when it’s freezing outside.

park city winter engagements-159

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Engagement Fun

Here we are going to a BYU game. We made it to about halftime. Snow slush games aren’t so fun.

20131206-144720.jpgHere we are at engagement pictures. Still cold. I’m thinking cold is a winter theme. 20131206-144938.jpg
Trying on wedding dresses. It was actually kind of fun.

If you want to see our wedding website, go here:

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Save the Date

Bryan and I are engaged! Save the date: January 23, 2014 will be our reception.

Bryan and I haved dated for a long time, but it has been worth the wait. He is an amazing guy and I’m so excited to start a new chapter with him. He has made me very happy over the past year and a half and I’m so grateful to have him in my life.

We are going to be having a wedding carnival, so bring out your fun hats and enjoy the ride.


The photo above would be awesome for our wedding invitation 🙂

imageBryan and I in San Francisco a few months back

imageMuir Woods back in August




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Random Pics from the life of Leslie

It’s been a busy, work-filled, fun-filled summer. Right now I’m currently landscaping the yard. It might be a while yet since it’s hot and I’m not planting lawn till it cools off a litt.e

here are some of the things I’ve done

1. Bryan and I drove a Lamborgini. Cool car, but glad I don’t own one.


2. I am helping my dad with his bees this year. Bryan is helping also. He must really love me to go out and open up a hive filled with 50,000 bees…

photo (9)

3. My sister now lives near me, so she and I run together often. I also see her kids a lot. Her little guy loves me 🙂

photo (8)

4. I’ve been doing some crazy landscaping projects. Here I am in a giant hole I dug. The city requires an inspection every year if you have both a secondary and culinary connection for sprinklers. I capped off the culinary water connection. I know, I’ve already gotten the I’m crazy to do that lecture, but lets be honest, I haven’t ever used it, and in the event of a drought, I’d be fined for watering my lawn anyways.


In case you are wondering, the hole was awful to dig and I wouldn’t ever want to do it again, but I save myself a bunch of money doing it myself and it really wasn’t hard. Just t hot and I was paranoid that I might get a spider on me.

5. Bryan, the most awesome guy ever, gets much of my time. We have done so many fun and crazy things together. He is wonderful to help me with my landscaping projects and is so willing to help me in any way. He’s a dream guy for any woman. (He told me I could not put that photo of him on facebook, but he never said anything about my blog. Heh heh  heh)

photo (10)

6. We went to idaho. Bryan and I both loved it. My brother in law has this thing called a Can-Am Commander. It goes like 70 miles an hour off road. Super cool fun ride. They also have a farm with lots of tractors.


7. We take goofy photos and send them to each other, family, and friends…

photo (11)

Bryan didn’t say anything about this one for facebook, but it makes us both laugh. He isn’t really licking my head, but we got the angle just right. Then we used an app to make it all creepy looking.

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Once Upon a Time in an Elevator

Once upon a time, long long ago, they put a red emergency stop button in elevators. Why? Probably because some man thought there needed to be one to lure small children to push it.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a beautiful woman saw the red button in the elevator while riding it with her two male coworkers. One of them pushed the red button and an alarm went off. Bell noises could be heard rather loudly throughout the building. Then one of the coworkers pulled the stop button back and the bells stopped. The elevator resumed it’s movement at a snails pace and eventually reached it’s destination. The woman got out and thought “I’m never going to get in the elevator with those two again”. And she didn’t.

Once upon a time, a short few hours ago, the same beautiful woman got into the elevator with five or six different male coworkers. Some of them were jumping up and down and were not small. She thought they must be moving the elevator at least 2-3 inches in their jumps. Maybe more. Just for entertainments sake, she decided to push the red emergency button to see what would happen and if they stopped jumping. They did stop and so did the elevator. It didn’t seem to move after pulling the button out either. Needless to say, with most of the department stuck in the elevator, it was not going to be a fun afternoon. Finally, after what seemed like hours, but was probably only like 5 minutes or so, the elevator doors opened on the main floor. All of the men rushed out into less confined spaces swearing never to get into an elevator with the beautiful woman ever again.

And they all took the stairs to get back to their office.

The End

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Random Pics

So I found the cord to my camera when I cleaned out my office. I broke my computer and decided that my office should become the treadmill room, so I cleaned office stuff out and now I have a happy treadmill room. So nice when it’s about zero outside. I ran in 4 degrees on Saturday and it was cold.

Here I am when I lived at my sister Ang’s house. I think think this was around the time I had sinus surgery. I darkened my hair so it’s kinda weird to see it so light.


Bryan and I hiked Rocky Mouth this summer. If you have kids or you don’t hike, this is the one for you. Super easy and nice view. My sister Christine hiked it pregnant one year and I carried Alex.

Note the wonderful Camo cargo shorts. I managed to rip them somehow. So I patched them. And ripped them again, and patched them. And the patches wouldn’t stay on.  Those were my most favorite shorts ever. I finally threw them out. 😦 Bye camo shorts. I think I wore you almost every day for like 10 years. Anyone know where I can find new shorts like that?

rocky mouth

When we were in Manti, we went to the temple there. Some nice couple took a photo of us outside the temple. The temple there is beautiful.

When we were in the outer banks in North Carolina, there was this really cool lighthouse. I really wanted to climb it, so one day we did. This is the view looking up before we hiked it. Not for those afraid of heights. I got nervous and couldn’t look down. Also when it’s 90 degrees, very humid, and has limited air circulation, it’s a good workout. Not for those who won’t get sweaty, but great for buns of steel.


View from the top of the lighthouse. So beautiful.


Bryan and I went on a fall horseback ride. It was cold, but fun. Bryan’s horse was naughty and kept on trying to ride off the trail and into bushes.


The lighthouse looking up. I know it’s outer banks and not in the same order, but it was pretty. And it was super tall. I don’t think the picture even does it justice on how tall it really is.


I dressed up for halloween this year. I was a goth girl. That isn’t my real hair. It made me glad my hair didn’t grow to my waist. The wig kept getting in the way and driving me crazy.


At the halloween party, we brought a pinata. Kmart has the most awesome, giant pinatas you can possibly imagine. This is my brother Ben wearing the pinata remanants on his head.


And below is a group photo of halloween costumes. The bumble bee took candy bribery to keep his costume on.


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