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Bruises and Boulders

I’ve come to the conclusion that large rocks are good for two things, landscaping, and bruising. I think most of mine are for bruising.   This weekend I spent much of my time moving rocks around and positioning them in … Continue reading

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Ogden Marathon Relay

On Friday, my mom and my sisters and I went to Ogden to participate in the marathon relay. I had arranged and prepaid for our hotel rooms. I rented two two-bedroom suites for us. Supposably they were non-smoking and had … Continue reading

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On Sunday, my brother-in-law went of on a tirade of terrible things about his step-children, my neices. My sister, who seems to put him first instead of her children, just let him and didn’t defend them. He said terrible things … Continue reading

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A Little Sunshine

It’s been almost 2 years since I quit my job at Nature’s Sunshine. Do I miss it? Not really. I loved most the people I worked with, but I don’t miss the politics. I don’t miss the fact that even … Continue reading

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Health and Wealth

This past weekend I had hoped to get a lot done in the yard and house, but instead the flu came creeping in and I just had to lay around sick. I kept having the fever and chills and I’d … Continue reading

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